Rocket Man


No I haven’t been listening to too much Elton John on my way to Israel (well...maybe a little). Rockets and space mission can be a picture of what the Christian life is supposed to look like. What is so special about rockets that no other aircraft can accomplish? They can reach an atmosphere that none other can. This atmosphere has much less weight on the molecules which makes it almost impossible for many aircraft's to navigate. Simply put, a rocket can enter an atmosphere a plane cannot. What does this have to do with us though?

Living a life of personal devotion changes the desires of a person. They crave something greater than themselves; they desire a lifestyle out of this World. As the Lord was speaking to me about the power of change, I quickly realized how the environment of my personal life has changed; which ultimately changes the atmosphere the church (body) operates in. It starts with each of us deciding that changes in our own lives have to happen before the church comes together to be the bride. It should not be up to the staff of a Church to host the presence of the Holy Spirit so church attenders can get “Holy Ghost bumps”. 2 Corinthians 3:6 says, “He has enabled us to be ministers of his new covenant. This is a covenant not of written laws, but of the Spirit. The old written covenant ends in death; but under the new covenant, the Spirit gives life (NLT)”

The atmosphere changes when people walk pregnant with the Holy Spirit. Being pregnant is having an expectancy of birthing something new. Living a life of intercession changes the atmosphere and hosts the presence and power of God. This begins by living a life where daily personal devotion is put at the forefront of your life. God will begin to strip the facade off and you will begin to live unfiltered. Seth Coleman, our new pastor to Students/Families at Abba’s House, says, “stop covering up who you really are and start living unfiltered. Remember, when you look into the mirror, you are looking at a reflection of God”. I suspect many people were taught how to do ministry before they were taught how to surrender to God.

When we begin to seek God and live an unfiltered lifestyle, then we begin to enter into a new atmosphere of his presence. Devotion is the rocket that helps us live in an atmosphere that was not designed for natural flesh. Also, when a rocket takes off it uses that which is good to orbit and it leaves the stuff that might hurt it or hinder it behind. It is time to let those people, emotions, and bad habits go. Celebrate the Soulmates God has sent you, finish the race with the teammates serving with you in this season, but get rid of those cell mates. Some people can't and won't go where God is taking you and that's alright. For you though, It's time for TAKE OFF! This is a challenge to go higher. Change in your life happens in the thin atmosphere reached through the rocket of devotion.

People that have been breathing in thin air are easy to spot. They are like temperature gauges in the church and are the first to expect the shift that is coming. These are the people that carry the fire of God with them everywhere they go and change the atmosphere and the lives of everyone around them. If you are one of these, then I challenge you to continue to be different and continue altering the atmosphere of the room. If you are in the middle, then I challenge you to spend more time in personal devotion and seek the Lord until you become a rocket. Lastly, maybe you are not even on a walk with Christ, more less trying to reach a higher atmosphere. The first step is to ask him into your heart and to save you from your sin. Then get plugged in with believers that can help you grow and keep you accountable. Lastly, begin your own devotional time and prepare for take off!

Abba’s House is blasting off and not looking back. I urge you to be a rocket of devotion as we accept change and take off to a higher dimension together. I have spent the last 24 hours traveling to the Holy Land. I am heading to the Garden of Gesthemane. I will post some updates from our trip on my social media pages. God Bless You!

Pastor Ronnie