A Heart Filled with Thanks

My father speaks prophetically over the future of Abba's House.  1/22/17

My father speaks prophetically over the future of Abba's House.  1/22/17

“God cannot change for the better, for He is already perfect; and being perfect, He cannot change for the worse.” ~ A. W. Pink

Sunday was a powerful and emotional day for my family. Not only did I get to baptize a childhood friend and his son and witness three people give their lives to Jesus Christ, I also got to welcome two families into membership of Abba's House, but the Holy Spirit didn't stop there.

I got to be apart of a prophetic shift of mantles in the life of my church. I knew this was going to take place, but had no idea at the power that would fall. It was a surreal moment in my life which I will never forget. I am confident in God's call, his word and his voice. I am humbled and honored to follow one of the greatest pastor's to ever walk this earth. I can't fill his shoes, but I can walk confidently in the shoes God made for me and that is what I plan to do. I honor the past and look forward to the journey God has for this great church.

Jesus Christ is and has been what fuels me to follow him and serve others. His Grace truly is Amazing! There are no words to describe the honor and excitement I have about the transition plan that was made public this past Sunday at Abba's House. Although this plan has been in place since 2012, it became real in the arms of my Father on Sunday morning. I would like to thank everyone for their texts, tweets, kind words of support and encouragement, and for the love that you have shown my family. I'm blessed to have some "true" brothers and sisters in the Kingdom. These last 11 years have been a great journey of education, growth, leadership, travel, missions, service, and miracles for Kelly and I. God has already taken us places we never dreamed we would go and given us opportunities that I never thought we would have. God has eliminated debt, purchased buildings, added an assisted living facility to our property and has built churches around the world right before my eyes. I know there will be more victories and many struggles, but God is Faithful.

 I can't put into words how much I love & appreciate our staff, trustee's, pastor's council, and our church body for their unanimous support of God's plan for the future of our church. It's about "WE" not "ME" and "WE" as Abba's House have much work to do to be the body God has called us to be in this city and around the world. My father is my hero. Everyone that knows me knows that I am my own man, but I love, honor, and respect my parents like no other. Dad and I will be a team as long as we both have breath and I look forward to serving him and this church in my new role and watching God bless him in his as a Father/Apostle to the nations.

I can't adequately describe the way I feel about my parents or the love I have for Jesus Christ, my family, and the wonderful people at Abba's House. So...Here is a video link from this past Sunday for those of you who would like to hear my heart on the honor of succeeding my father. I believe our best days are in front of us. To God Be the Glory!