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Ronnie Phillips Ministries International is committed to delivering hope and help around the world through missions, media and the message of grace.

Our focus is breaking the curse of religion off the churches of America, taking care of orphans, feeding the hungry, and meeting people where they are with a Gospel that will change their lives. 

Does God still speak today? And how can you hear His voice? In this series of 9 messages by Pastor Ronnie Phillips, he examines some of the ways God speaks to us and helps you discern His voice. You’ll learn how to hear when He says yes, no, now, well done and more.

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It’s time to wake the dream inside of us. If you know God, there is a superhero on the inside of you. The Holy Spirit is our Hero within, and He puts His “super” on our “natural” to help us live supernatural lives that we could only once dream about.

God has called us to live an extraordinary life and His anointing (the Hero within) enables us to accomplish great things. Aren’t you ready to activate your hero within and be all that you were created to be?

It’s time to take the lid off. It’s time to reclaim the supernatural. It’s time to let the Hero within loose to do what He wants to do through you and me as we yield to His fullness. It’s time to let our Hero within shape us into the people He always intended for us to be. I want the superhero within you to be radically and completely unleashed in your everyday life, turning mere existence into an adventure. Are you ready? Then tie your cape on and let’s fly!

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